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A new music project STASJ; Stefanie The Artist formely know as Stefanie Janssen!
Stefanie transforms into the new entity Stasj. Follow the birth on Instagram and Facebook
and check the new site www.stasj.world, launch on the 3rd of March.

Stefanie Janssen is a vocal artist, musician and songwriter rooted in classical music, indie folk and art rock. She graduated at the Music Conservatory ArtEZ in Arnhem. On stage, she bares her soul in poetic lyrics - in both Dutch and English - while accompanying herself on piano, guitar and loop station. In her expressive performances she gives voice to the ideas and emotions that sing within her, emerging in various forms, styles and sounds.

Her performances include events like the Paris and Amsterdam Fashion Week, Luxor Live, festival La Nuit Blanche Brussels, the hip-hop musical 'Ugly D', and the Amsterdam Midzomernacht festival. She works with Studio Minailo - Laboratory for Performing Arts - Amsterdam, was part of the young performers' collective ARNHEMS work and performed in YO! Opera and at theater festival De Parade. She also collaborates with fashion label MAISON the FAUX.
Recently she played a leading part in the minimal music opera 'Three Voices' of Morton Feldman in collaboration with opera house La Monnaie, Brussels.
In 2015 Stefanie released her debut recording 'AAN' ('ON'). The EP is a mixture of poetic stories colored by soggy guitar and grand love songs on the piano. Read more about Stefanie in 3voor12 interview here.

"The songs are mysterious and almost hypnotic at one moment, raw and direct at another," is was web magazine Cultuurbewust.nl wrote. Check the beautiful review of Zefmagazine here.
Roel Peijs writes "Her album offers a poetic string of beautiful songs...".
"Stefanie's crystal clear, flawless voice is a beautiful instrument...".
"It is easy to float and dream away while listening to 'Slaaplied' ('Lullaby') and even though the lyrics are highly poetical, no effort is needed to grasp the soul of them...". "We are dealing with a highly talented chameleon paving her way in the creative world".
Theaterkrant says "She can sing, no doubt about that. In the performance 'A Moment For A Moment', the soprano pulls out all the stops and they are many...".













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Aan - Stefanie Janssen

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14-01-2018Leeuwarden | De Neushoorn| met Bart de Vrees en Ruud Roelofsen
03-03-2018Nijmegen | SOFT FORCES * ALBUM RELEASE | www.brebl.nl | 20u | supports Eerie Wanda, Anat Spiegel, Mary Lake | reserveren rsvp@stasj.world
19-04-2018Persingen | Recital met Cor van Wageningen | kerkje van Perisngen | besloten
16-05-2018Steijl | KNR bijeenkomst met pianist Roland Aalbers
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