Stefanie Janssen is a vocalist, performer and songwriter with roots in classical, opera, indie folk, improvisation and experimental pop. On stage she bares her soul in poetic lyrics – in both Dutch and English and gives voice to the ideas and emotions that sing within her, emerging in various forms, styles and sounds.

In 2018 Janssen releases her debut album ‘SOFT FORCES’ under the moniker STASJ. Web magazine The Next Gig: “This debut is intriguing; beautiful and intense songs with a serious-in- depth without hurrying. Especially the beautiful and occasionally tormented vocals of Janssen run the show”. Full review here.
In the past, Janssen applies her multifarious talents to multidisciplinary projects. She acted and sang, for example, in hip-hop musical Ugly D, shone bright in opera Three Voices by Morton Feldman in Brussels. Janssen often works closely with fashion label MAISON the FAUX with solo projects and collaborates with Studio Minailo, Laboratory for Performing Arts. In 2015 she released a Dutch-language EP titled ‘AAN’. Stefanie Janssen regularly performs live, with notable shows at Amsterdam Fashion Week, Luxor Live, La Nuit Blanche Festival, among others. She graduated at the ArtEZ Conservatory in Arnhem.

Read more about Stefanie in 3voor12 interview here. “Theaterkrant says “She can sing, no doubt about that. In the performance ‘A Moment For A Moment’ the soprano pulls out all the stops and they are many….”.

STASJ is Stefanie The Artist formerly known as Stefanie Janssen! STASJ’s music researches, observes and expands the human spirit.
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