The freshly released LP Soft Forces contains ten singular pop songs, which blur boundaries between grounded and surrealistic realms. Classical melodies, abstract poetry and free improvisation form a unique connective tissue together. Soft Forces is illuminating dark matters and transforming conflicting emotions, producing a challenging but soothing musical world.
Erik Damen, 3voor12, writes “STASJ’s debut album is solid as a rock. Its ten tracks add up to a splendid whole, making Soft Forces an excellent calling card.” Full review here.
Here Comes The Flood, Hans Werksman: “Jazz, piano pop, ambient and noise – everything is in its right place.” Full review here.


The songs are mysterious and almost hypnotic at one moment, raw and direct at another is what web magazine wrote.
ZefMagazine writes: “Her album offers a poetic string of beautiful songs..”. “Stefanie’s crystal clear, flawless voice is a beautiful instrument…”.
“It is easy to float and dream away while listening to ‘Slaaplied’ and even though the lyrics are highly poetical, no effort is needed to grasp the soul of them….”.
“We are dealing with a highly talented chameleon paving her way in the creative world”.